Friday, February 4, 2011

Philosophically Speaking

We are always in a constant communication between our consciousness and the objects in the world around us. Every object that passes through our consciousness delivers a message that we perceive quickly, but continue to ponder the deeper subtexts of its (and ours) existence. We are capable of thinking about an object while being conjointly aware that we are in the process thinking, and then even further, we question what both the object and ourselves might mean beyond any preconceived notions we have to fall back on. It is this continuous and nagging awareness of our own consciousness that drives us to create new information and knowledge on subjects that we previously had considered fully understood. And as such, new information emerges from around the world, from the collective consciousness of mankind, that by it’s nature, goes beyond anything that preceded it. This then opens up a whole new level of context for the masses to then reapply, with great success, back on the world that was always there, creating essentially a “new” world. Being able to see the world as an ever expanding field of created information will enable you to look upon everyday objects in a new light, and to feel liberated from the static unchanging environment we once believed existed. As humans, we exist in a world created by those that came before us; everything we have learned is the culmination of everything those before discovered. We are born into a world that comes with preconceived notions of how things work; a set of laws concerning all aspects of the world, from the physical (geography, physics, etc…) and the mental (psychology, ethics, morals…), and we use these as a base point to begin our journey. We pass these sets of laws through our ever-expanding consciousness, thus creating new information and new laws for those after us to, in turn, expand upon. Knowledge is not the same as information, but instead is the product thereof. Into our consciousness passes through information and through an unknown process, knowledge is created. However after the initial creation, knowledge turns itself back into information once it again is processed back through your consciousness. It is this continuous cycle that has driven every discovery that has ever been made. We have an inherent ability to create something from nothing. Presented with but basic stimulus we are capable of creating a truly deep understanding. And this can apply to anything. We think in live in a “condense and improve” manner. We strive to simplify the systems around us, and once they get to simple, a new breakthrough emerges forcing us to start again in our continuous quest to simplify and hence explain our existence. Again and again this has been shown throughout history. Nothing is ever as it once was, and it is impossible for us to know what will be. We can only take solace in the fact that creation will happen, and being the central drive of human kind, has to happen, in order for our species to find reason to exist.

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