Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Constants in Life

No matter what happens you are allowed to laugh. No matter how much you may have messed things up you can still crack a smile. Problems will be problems and money will be money, but the little things in life that define us, and what it means to be human, are worth it all. While fines and penalties deplete your bank account, and you work only to watch your money go as fast as it came, your family and friends remain, standing by your side watching with you as the material and trivial objects in life dwindle, offering the greatest form of relief: company. It’s at this moment you realize that the objects in life that matter most are not the ones that can be bought or sold, but the ones that come naturally and will never abandon you; the ones that are irreplaceable. Accepting this will allow you to make your way through all the trivialities of the modern world and will bring to a place where you see clearly what is important you to you. Delving through the bullshit, you arrive at a place of truth, a place where you understand that it is your right to be happy, that it is in your make-up to achieve contentment. You can do this at any moment, and I encourage you to do it minute. The world can seem to stack itself against you, but there is never a moment when a step in the right direction is not possible. And as is the nature of the world, where a continuous string of “now’s” is all we will ever have, that any moment can be the turning point in your life. You may not see it coming, and you have no preconception of what it feels like, but you will know it when you see it, and it will rock your world. This is the second where you decide to let it all go and deal with life as it comes. The second you start living life. Life can carry you if you let it but drag you if your fight it. I suggest that you take a look around and take stock of what you have in life. Not your possessions or problems, but what you really have: family, friends, health, life, and empathy, to name a few. Truly these constants that each of us possess are what matter in this world. The freedom to smile is worth more than any Ferrari. To share a moment with a cherished individual trumps any gadget you can buy. Even through calamity it is these constants that we must lean on to pull us through. If there are bills to be paid at the end of the month, do what you must to pay them, and be on with your life. You can still enjoy a movie with your friends even if you owe the government $10,000. The bills are not your life; the time spent enjoying the world with family & friends is. A genuine smile is not something that anyone can take away from you. A bond with a loved one is not subject to restrictions or corporate policy, it is a birthright of every human, and is something that will live on in man kind long after money and materials have gone. It’s sad that often it is only through strife that we realize these things to be true, but once you’ve been awakened to it there's no going back.

At some point, eventually becomes now. So, living only this moment, do your best to smile.

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