Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Today is a bad day. Not for very serious or life-threatening reasons, but rather a string of more conventional nuances. Let me tell you what happened: First, I couldn’t find my headphones this morning; and no im not some music junkie who scratches his eyebrows off if he doesn’t get his Kanye fix. But you see, life, or more specifically life as lived day by day, is one big chain of events; for every action, a reaction. When I couldn’t find my headphones, my reaction was anger and frustration. Which lead to slamming my hip into the doorknob during a frenzied search. Which lead to jamming my finger in the door of my car. Which lead to spilling hot coffee on myself at the gym. And all of this began yesterday, when I missed court and realized that I have not one, but two unresolved citatations, amounting to a not so grand total of $850. You see, in one grand cosmic joke, when one thing goes wrong, without fail our cruel universe finds it funny to pile on more shit after more shit after more shit. Leaving you, naturally, with a shitty day. Being that it’s only noon, I can only imagine what bumps and bruises await me the rest of the day. Attempting to put it all behind you can occasionally work, but your temper hangs in the balance, held tight by your last nerve. A couple “woo-sah” moments can help, that is, until you knock a glass of water off a table and watch your sanity literally shatter into a hundred pieces. I firmly believe that every part of today will be shit, and there is little I can do to remedy this.

Why do things work the way they do? I’ve read and watched The Secret, and I feel as if I have a decent understanding of the grand scheme of things, however, it seems that an undisputable answer to the question of why still eludes me, and forever will. Example: I returned from work, only to find that my headphones were not indeed lost, but instead my mom had attempted to appropriate them from me. So the initial spark that led me down a rocky road of anger was just a fluke, and my irritation completely unmerited. Now im left to ponder why. I'm inclined not to believe that it was a part of some master plan laid out for me since birth, and that all will be revealed in due time. This seems to good to be true, and certainly has not been up to this point in my life. Instead, I choose to believe that nothing is certain and nothing is guaranteed in this world. But even though I stated earlier that the rest of the day would be shit (and indeed it was), this holds no bearing for tomorrow. Because in it’s own way, the universe will find a way to remind me that it is still on my side, and eventually it will set me back along the correct path, and I will be convinced that this day was but a fluke. However bad, it was just another day amongst many to come, both good and bad. For all I know, tomorrow could be the best day of life. Now that might not seem to make any real sense, but that’s the way the universe likes it, nonsensical and random. You see, there are an unlimited number of possible outcomes for any day, and each outcome stems from the many unique decisions made by the subject in question. So I should say that the universe does not act completely randomly, instead more consequentially. And while it may be impossible to predict or prevent the future, it is possible to curtail it to your desires. Simply know that if you begin your morning wrong, the day that follows will in turn, be wrong. However, the adverse is also true. Start your day with the same emotions that you wish to end it with, and you have successfully tilted the cosmic odds in your favor. Congratulations.

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