Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a beautiful night.

A beautiful night can entail many things: a dazzling sunset, in it’s magnificent glory, easing you into night with a brilliant show of color and light; a calm, soothing breeze, capable of lulling us into a sweet submission; or that 7:30 temperature, which, by then, has cooled off just enough from the scorching heat of the day, yet is still comfortable and pleasant, requiring, at max, maybe a light sweatshirt if you choose to watch the sunset at a beach somewhere.

Tonight is a beautiful night, and while it may only be March, tonight serves as a reminder, a heads up if you will, that summer, or at least summer weather, is right around the corner. It is a signal that we can slowly begin to take off our pea coats and sweatpants, and replace them with tank tops and shorts. We can expect more rain, im sure, but the umbrella is beginning to fear the day when it begins its annual hiatus. A new season, a new wardrobe; accompanied by a new demeanor.

With summer, comes heat; with heat, comes happiness. So syllogistically speaking, with summer comes happiness. Good vibes and good times are commonplace, and cruelty and bitterness are things of the past. They are cold emotions. It’s now time for warm emotions, such as love and happiness, to take charge, and guide us through the hot summer nights. We sip on Coronas, eat BBQ chicken, and watch some of the good old American pastime, Baseball. Branded with a permanent smile that wont leave until mid October, nothing seems to matter except pleasure; the problems that plagued us in December and January, seem irrelevant and inconsequential in July and August. There's no nagging cough, no runny nose, and the flu isn’t going around. Were not angry that it’s going to rain, or irked that the suns not out. No one is sick, no one is upset, everyone is just happy.

Winter has its appeal, Autumn has its fans, and Spring is a close second, but Summer reigns supreme as the King of all Seasons; the Sultan of the Solstices. For a few sweet months, we gladly leave our inhibitions at home with our raincoat and umbrellas, where they belong. We are allowed to feel good and not feel guilty about it, encouraged to live to the fullest. We do not just survive, but we thrive. We flourish under the sun, wholeheartedly living up to our potential as social beings. In summer, beautiful days turn into beautiful nights, which in turn, make for beautiful dreams, leading us to beautiful things.

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