Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sundays' for the Birds

I woke up on a Saturday that felt like a Sunday.

You know, that familiar laziness that only Sunday can offer. Where even though you might have planned to spend your day doing something productive, at least a good half will be spent in bed lethargically rolling around, waiting for the right moment to rise. Breakfast gets served around 1:30, lunch fades into nothingness, and dinner is spent wallowing in self-pity about your dreaded return to work tomorrow. Which really is the game changer, an “x-factor” if you will. The relaxation potential for Sunday would be off the charts, if it weren’t for the looming air of responsibility. The way I see it, every Sunday is an ode to the last day of summer vacation as a kid. Played out in the same half-hearted style, riding your bike through the still air, awaiting your inevitable doom. Attempting to squeeze every bit of pleasure out of an overall pleasure less day. Nostalgia sets in over what might have been, what else could have been done, anguishing over every wasted minute. The wishes that you could just skip whatever tomorrow brings and do it over rings through your head like an express train passing by your stop. You never even got a chance to get off.

But here is what’s special about today. It may feel like Sunday, but I’m surrounded with constant reminders that it is indeed, still only Saturday. Now I have taken a position of power on the flow of the week. Commandeered that Express train. For you see, I have the seen the future. I have seen it, and I can feel it. I know what tomorrow brings and I know that I cannot afford to waste any time today, or I will inevitably regret it. In a way, it would be nice to wake up feeling “sundayish” everyday. To get that extra spark of motivation needed to really seize the day. Because tomorrow brings no more responsibility than today, and I have plenty of time to accomplish anything I set out to do. On this Saturday that feel like a Sunday, the sky’s the limit. No hesitation, no boundaries. I’ve had breakfast, and I’m already thinking about an early lunch. So today, I will not be lazy, lethargic, or listless. I will not waste away in despair awaiting a redundant workweek. I will allow Sunday to serve as an example of wrong, so as to only do right. Since I know what’s at the end of the tunnel I can illuminate the whole path.

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