Friday, March 26, 2010

The Shower

Let me take you to my special place, my comfort zone. A place that I hope we all go, where I can really “turn my swag on.” It’s not the club, or any bar in the Marina. Nor is it a restaurant or some sort of gathering place. It’s the upstairs shower in my house. Since 10, when I decided that bathing wasn’t really the devil, that same shower has been my haven. The ultimate privacy allowing me to act out any fantastical scenario I choose. Dodging an onslaught of bullets or arrows that makes the stream of water, boxing my own shadow cast against the tiled walls; the shower is my arena, and for about 45 minutes a day, I am the master of it.

I have a strict routine when it comes to my showers. Unless rushed, I will allow the shower to heat up for about 10 minutes while I listen to music in my headphones. Often jumping up and down to the beat, I allow the room to get to near steam room moisture levels, so that I am sweaty before I get in. This makes that first splash of water on your back as rewarding as the piss you take after drinking 32 oz. of soda, and watching The Lord of the Rings in the theatre; nearly orgasmic.

Surrounded by the fundamentally purifying water, whatever dirt you might be carrying is literally, or figuratively, washed away. For the time being, the outside world is but a secondary issue, to be filtered through the never-ending stream of water. What’s more pressing is which song to sing at the top your lungs, or which 2 step to practice. Will it be Ben E. Kings, Stand by me, or is Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz and Luda? Either way, the waters warm, and the acoustics are just right, and as far as your concerned, Michael Buble wishes he could sing like you.

To top it all off, the magic doesn’t end once you get out. Instead, you exit with a rejuvenated aura about you, ready to take on your day, or sink into your sheets for a smooth slumber after the day’s worth of grime has been eradicated. To many, including myself, the shower is often the best part of our day. Perpetually worried by a world of who, what, when, where, and why, the shower offers many there only escape from it all. A Fortress of Solitude for the everyday Superman, a shower is once of the few things in life so enjoyable, that it causes us to sing out loud in consummate bliss.

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