Friday, March 19, 2010


Today is payday, which is the most important of all days. Coming along every other Friday, managing to outshine the first Friday tenfold. Nothing special happens on payday except, well, getting paid. I now have the legal tender required to spend to my hearts content, till the materialist in me has had its fill, which typically lasts until about Monday, when I begin again. You see, my money works in a viscous 2-week cycle: I get paid, spend 80% by the end of the weekend, then I budget the rest like I just got thrown off welfare and my 3 kids go to private school. I don't make much in the first place (which is why I started writing) and I tend to lean towards expensive pieces of clothing. That’s all it is too, clothes, clothes, and more clothes (hats & accessories too). I have 2 closets and a dresser full, as well as an entire floor, an ottoman, and 2 chairs completely covered with fine cottons, denims, and hats. Being that I quit smoking about a month and a half ago, it is now my only addiction.

Steadfast, I lunge myself towards the overly priced things that surround us. Consumers are being consumed by a whirlwind of advertising and marketing, as well as the constant pressure to fit into our overly branded society. I can’t just be pleased that I have an Iphone, for it needs to have a gold case on it, in order to maintain my trendy status. But alas it cant just be any case, it needs to be INCASE brand, or else… Or else what? Nothing, really. If my case weren’t the name brand I wanted, the world wouldn’t split down the middle and cease to spin. Even less dramatically, I would probably still have a decent looking case. Many of you have not fallen victim to the same disease as me, and are unsympathetic to those who feel the need to shroud themselves in a sea of belongings, but I can tell you this: it is a sickness. I cannot do knock-off, I will not buy imitations, and I will never own anything generic, much to the dismay of my checking account. I wish I were one of those individuals who hated people like me. Someone who stands firm against name brands and never falls for precise marketing. Able to like Nas, without having to buy Crooks & Castles. Someone who is fine with wearing what’s affordable instead of what’s in style. The bottom line is: every time I go on the internet, after the mandatory facebook check, I head straight to to check if there's any new arrivals, then over to to do the same. I doubt I’ll ever truly give up my passion for flashin, but I think someday I will slow my roll, and learn to save a little. Or I’ll just get super rich and never have to worry about money

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